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Transportation Pressure Washers 

Nothing says professional like a shining fleet of vehicles. Whether you drive a bus, plane, delivery van, car or any other type of automobile, you should take pride in your equipment and put forth a clean image to the public. Commercial pressure washers are the quickest and most effective way to remove the dirt and buildup that comes from life on the road, and American Pressure Inc. has power washers to handle even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Transportation Pressure WashersNot only will a pressure washer show the world you’re a professional, detailed-oriented company, it will also extend the life of your valuable equipment. Regularly cleaning out areas such as trailers, grills, exhaust stacks, fuel tanks, and cargo holds can ward off rust and other deterioration problems.

Without proper supplies, grease, tar, oil and other road related grime can be challenging to remove. Trying to choose a setup on your own can be confusing since there are seemingly endless choices of commercial pressure washers, attachments, and cleaning solvents. To make the process easier, our trained staff can explain the differences in the machines and chemicals so you can make an informed decision.

We have a wide range of gas and electric cleaners, as well as cold and hot water options. Those who need to move their cleaner from place to place may prefer one of our portable machines; while those who are set up in a permanent location may choose to have a power washer installed in a wash bay for streamlined cleaning by multiple users. Simply give us a call and together we can find the model that will best maintain your vehicles.