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Pressure Washers 

Pressure WasherAmerican Pressure Inc. has the best pressure washer brands on the market and a variety of models that can handle any cleaning job — big or small. With our large selection of new and used pressure washer brands for sale, we can ensure you will find a machine to meet your particular needs.

To help you decide what pressure washer is best for you, we will discuss where and what you plan to clean. There are four main types of pressure washer engines, each having its own benefits:

Four Main Types Of Pressure Washers

Gas Diesel Electric Hydraulic
•Convenient and portable
•Does not require electricity
•Has a high PSI = faster cleaning
•Can cover larger areas
•Heavy Duty
•Stronger pressure flow
•Good for small jobs
•Can install on existing hydraulic systems (great for agricultural industries)
•Useful in remote areas (does not need gas or electricity)

Our experienced staff can explain the pros and cons of each engine type in more detail and assist you in deciding between a hot or cold water unit and whether you’ll be better served by a high pressure per square inch (PSI) or high gallons per minute (GPM) model. There are various pressure washer brands to choose from.

In addition to sales, American Pressure Inc. also provides a pressure washer rental service, which can be a great way to try out the different types of power cleaners. We rent almost all of the machines that we sell and we even build custom equipment for our long-term rental clients.

No matter if you need to rent a pressure washer for a short-term project or if you want to purchase one for long-term cleaning efficiency, American Pressure Inc. can outfit you with quality, high-performing equipment.