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Food Processing Pressure Washers 

A durable power washer is absolutely vital for large scale food operations. Unlike other industries where dirt and grime is simply disliked, food processing plants have a legal obligation to keep their facilities clean and sanitary. American Pressure Inc. can help you adhere to food industry regulations with one of our industrial grade power washers.

Food Proecessing Pressure WashersFood plants and restaurants have a variety of equipment ranging from the delicate to the heavy-duty. To meet these diverse needs, you may find the best solution is a combination pressure washer with adjustable power, flow, and temperature gauges. Machines capable of double or triple-duty can save you money in the long-run and help you clean your facilities efficiently.

In addition to a suitable pressure washer, you also need the proper chemicals and cleaners to ensure adequate cleaning of your machines, tables, and other equipment. Those in the food processing industry typically use cleaning agents such as degreasers, disinfectants, and sanitizers. American Pressure Inc. offers a wide variety of these cleaners, many of which, can be hooked up directly to your power washer.

American Pressure Inc. has many durable models of pressure washers that are built with the latest technology and capable of withstanding the regular and sometimes rugged use the food industry demands. Our machines can easily cut through tough grease and other residues, which may otherwise require hours of back-breaking scrubbing. Give us a call and see how a power washer can save you both time and energy.