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Automatic Parts Washers

Automatic Parts WasherAt American Pressure Inc. we carry a variety of automatic parts washers to help you keep your parts in mint condition. We have front load, top load and conveyor belt washers available. Eliminate dangerous Solvent Tubs and save you labor for more productive uses by changing the way parts are washed.

Environmentally safe automatic parts washers come in many sizes and configurations with load limits up to 2000 pounds and solution tank capacities from 25 to 330 gallons. Chain driven and water propelled machines are available.

Clean parts in minutes with hot water and biodegradable detergents. Parts washers allow you to put parts in, set the timer, work on something else, and then come back to clean parts in minutes. Parts Washers are great for increasing production and cutting expensive labor costs scrubbing parts by hand in a solvent tank.

Brands of automatic parts washers we work with:

  • Landa(Equipment, Service and Parts)
  • Alkota(Equipment, Service and Parts)
  • Better Engineering(Equipment, Service and Parts)
  • Cuda(Equipment, Service and Parts)
  • Gray Mills(Service and Parts)
  • JRI(Service and Parts)
  • PMW(Service and Parts)
  • Hotsy(Service and Parts)
  • Inline(Service and Parts)

Contact us or stop by our store for an in house demonstration on how our automatic parts washers can benefit you and your business.