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Arctic Steamer Ice Dam Solution 

Arctic Steamer - Ice Dam SolutionProtecting one’s home from ice and snow during the winter is a fact of life for residents in colder climates. Many people are looking for a quick and efficient way to resolve their ice dam problems, and with the Arctic Steamer, you can provide that service by becoming their ice dam solution.
The Arctic Steamer relies on high temperatures and low pressure to safely remove ice and snow from roofs, downspouts, sewer lines, and more. This machine is rugged and mobile, so you should have no trouble assisting many clients per day, and in the right weather conditions, your Arctic Steamer will pay for itself in just a few short working days.

Arctic Steamer - Ice Dam SolutionDon’t let other companies convince you a regular hot water pressure washer will work as well as the Arctic Steamer. While high pressure is sometimes appropriate for melting ice from sidewalks and parking lots, it can cause damage to shingles and roofs. Also, our steamer operates at the optimal temperature of 290 degrees, which results in less water run-off, faster ice removal, and an overall cleaner ice dam solution.

Arctic Steamer - Ice Dam SolutionThe ice removal season is approaching. Why not make it a profitable time of year with our Arctic Steamer? We have several in stock, and the machine is simple enough to use. You can easily start working with it as soon as the first freeze hits. The Arctic Steamer will help you become the ice dam solution for homeowners now while gaining their trust for future projects. Just come by Arctic Steamer - Ice Dam Solutionour store and we will be happy to demonstrate what this steamer can do for you. If you decide to purchase one, we will gladly train you how to operate and maintain the equipment.

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Our Arctic Steamer was featured on Fox News! Check out the below video. We are at minute 2!


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Arctic Steamer Ice Dam Removal
VS Pressure Washer

Arctic Steamer Ice Dam Removal
Cuts Through an Ice Block

Proper use of the Arctic Steamer
Ice Dam Removal System

Arctic Steamer Ice Dam Removal
System Does Not Damage Shingles


Arctic Steamer News Spot



Arctic Steamer is now in several states as well as Canada!
Arctic Steamer - Ice Dam Solution